Installation of the new BMW harddisk navigation system (CiC) into a 2002 3-series (E46) convertible


First measure the old monitor whether or not the new one can fit


Measure the old IDrive. It was fully integrated in my car
I could control the entire navigation and even move the passenger seat


Armrest down - checking how much space is for the new IDrive


Removed all old modules. Car-PC, radio, TV, DVD and the wiring


Removing all unneccessary cables and the nav monitor


Pulling in new cables for CAN and the new monitor


Removed the middle console to ease the installation


The rear seats are also removed for easier work


I left original cables untouched and just made fitting connectors for power. So later I can also put the MK4 back in.



What I removed from the car: Car-PC, radio, navigation, monitor, DVD, TV, some USB cables and all the wiring.
I had a whole lot of entertainment stuff. Most of it is developed by me. Like the perfectly integrated DVD and TV and the Car-PC with car-deck.
It took a lot of time to develop and install all the modules and devices. So I needed a good reason to remove it all and I didn't want to miss a thing later.

Ok, I found the perfect replacement: The CIC


Fitting of the new, small monitor. Looks somehow lost in the hole. I need the big one ^^


The CiC at it's place. Still the old TV module and the wiring is not finished, yet


The new IDrive fits perfectly




The CiC completely wired with all options. DVD changer, TV module, Bluetooth phone and DAB (digital radio).

My "convertible DVD changer ;)" is still missing it's top.

Also I still have to make it look nice :)


Now the monitor is perfectly fitted


Dirty but workin' ;)



Currently it needs two interfaces to link the CiC to the car. The first module is the gateway to the engine CAN. It translates navigation data and engine parameter for my bordcomputer.
Without it the navigation wouldn't work.

The second interface translates the message from the interior bus (IBus) to the CiC and vice versa to request data and control the car.
It also manages the bordcomputer data and displays my own bordcomputer with extended features.


The CiC is fully integrated in the car. The BC is working. Also the reset works.



PDC is working as soon as the reverse gear is engaged. It also displays the distance to the next object in centimeters. The CiC doesn't do that. It is a feature of my gateway module.
I only have back sensors for PDC, but the interface translates all 8 sensors. Just as it is supposed to work. And even better.


I can also set the speed limit and date/time with the CiC. My interface translates the messages to original IKE (instrument cluster) and backwards.


I added some extra menus to the CiC screen:

Status of the the doors (Türen). * = open



and windows (Fenster). zu = closed, auf = open


Engine data: speed, rpm, fuel, outside temperature, oil temperature


Acceleration, throttle, engine temperature, current consumption, remaining range


I can control the seats (knee up & down, back up & down, foreward, backward, neckrest up & down, backrest fore & back)


the mirrors (up, down, left, right, fold, unfold, memory 1-3)


the windows (driver, passenger, front and back, up and down)


and some other stuff


I can see which lights are defective


and set up some things


When you put in a CD into the CiC you have the option to copy the CD to the Entertainment server. Then you can remove the CD and play it from the harddisk.
You can also sync some music from an USB stick to the CiC.

When delivered, the CiC features only 12.5GB for the entertainment server.
Since I have a huge collection of CDs and don't like the wma standard which the CIC rips the CDs to, I needed to enlarge the space. Now I have 80GB :)
I certainly won't use that much, but still nice to have ;)


For all who are interested also to retrofit the CiC I have some bad news. It won't be so easy and perhaps impossible.

The CiC has some features which need to be coded to your car, else it won't work.

After that you will need the two interfaces I developed to get the CiC working in our "old" cars. Else it is just a nice dust catcher.


Lately I have replaced the original DVD changer with a Multimedia Interface which can control DVD players, TV tuners
and also iPhone/iPod Video interfaces.

It is called cLogic M338 and also available for CCC and E65.

I installed it with the Alpine KCE-425i for my iPhone to watch Podcasts. I can operate everything with my IDrive.

I have also connected my rear view cam to it. When I shift to reverse gear, it automatically shows my rvc.


CiC main menu




My Alpine KCE-425i is connected to AV1 of the cLogic M338

So select "DEVICE 1"



Now you can control the Alpine KCE-425i with your IDrive!

You can scroll through the lists, select items, access the menu and much more.

To exit, simply press the "Menu" button beside your IDrive.








Even a rear view cam is supported and automatically switched to when the reverse gear is engaged.

And of course a video output for rear seat monitors.


Rear view camera image

Bad weather...


Image of a tv tuner connected to the cLogic M338



The cLogic M338 supports more than 40 different devices like tv tuners, dvd players with usb, dvd changers, usb players and many more.

It can eg. bought here:


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